Manaslu region

The Manaslu (nepali: मनास्लु Manāslu) in Nepal is one of the fourteen eight-thousand. He is 8163 metres tall and is the 8th highest mountain in the world. 

The Manaslu-group, to which also the Ngadi Chuli (7871 m) and Himal Chuli (7893 m) count, is also known as the Mansiri Himal[1] or the Gurkha Himal. The Manaslu-group is located in the Gorkha-district. The Annapurna-massif is located in the northwest and the Ganesh Himal in the southeast. 

The mountain peak of Manaslu

mountain peak
height note/position
Manaslu 8163 m the main peak
Manaslu east 7992 m 500 m northeast of the main peak
Manaslu north 6994 m 4000 m north-northwest of the main peak


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