Annapurna region

The Annapurna (Nepali: अन्नपूर्ण Annapūrṇa, in the past: Morshiadi) is an eight thousand in the Himalaya in Nepal. The Annapurna is the tenth-highest mountain in the world, because he is 8091 metres tall.

The Annapurna is the main peak of Annapurna Himal. He is called “Annapurna I” because he is a demarcation to the nearest hills. The whole mountain massif stretches in the east-west direction and consists of several independent mountains (Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Annapurna III and more).

Annapurna I is located at the western end of the mountain range. There it buckles to the south and find its end in Annapurna South. To the east of the main mountain-peak there it forks a further ridge to the south, which raises up to the Machapucharé (altitude 6993 metres). The south wall of Annapurna I, the ridge to Annapurna South or to Machapucharé rim a seperated cirque, so-called the Annapurna Sanctuary. At this point the basis camp – so called the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC – altitude: 4200 metres) is located. On this route you go through the Machapuchare Base Camp (MBC, altitude: 4000 metres).

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